About Us

The Warwickshire Race Equality Partnership (WREP) is a voluntary sector, charitable organisation that was established in November of 2005, following extensive research and consultation to address the racial inequalities and lack of service provision across Warwickshire.

WREP is also a partnership between community organisations and the main public authorities in Warwickshire.

The services that WREP offer include Casework, Community Engagement, promoting Good Relations and the provision of Information and Research, of which further information is detailed on this website.

At present, WREP has a staff compliment of 5 members and all officers have areas of specialism, which they embark upon for the organisation which include policy development, quality standards, community engagement, interpretation and translation, sport health & physical activity development and race discrimination case management.

To date, WREP has achieved a 98% BME Community membership and have worked hard in establishing key contacts within the community. WREP’s mission has always been community focused and it is essential that we engage and include BME Communities as an integral part of the organisation, as a means of progressing further in identifying real issues concerning race equality.


To be a productive partnership which excels in race and equality and is respected by all as a responsive, honest and professional organisation.

Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life in Warwickshire by building stronger, safer and sustainable communities in a respectful and just society where diversity is valued.

The objects of WREP are:

  • To work towards the elimination of racial discrimination, particularly, but not exclusively by encouraging awareness and good practice in respect of equality, diversity and human rights and by working with other organisations operating in the field of discrimination.
  • To promote equality of opportunity and good relations between persons of different racial groups, especially within the County of Warwickshire.
  • To relieve the needs of those who have suffered racial discrimination by the provision of information, advice and support.